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All researches conducted by Situation Modeling Agency.

Director - Vitalij Bala
Author and Project Manager - O. Golobuyskiy
Research Project Manager - Ph.D. in political science V.Yaschuk
Coordinators of the main directions - V.Honcharuk, Y.Pavlovskij, V.Kucheruk, O.Hromec
All copyrights belong to the SMA.
Research materials can be obtained electronically by request of individual institutions and experts.
Below you can find summeries of the most topical researhces conducted by the Agency

Presidential Election 2010: starting conditions for candidate.

Election campaign 2007-2008: political technologies and political strategists.

Alignment of political forces in Kharkov. The dynamics and prospects of development of the situation.

Political risks failure of the democratic coalition. November 2007.

Georgia as a political and economic partner of Ukraine: analysis and forecast.

Parliamentary election in Ukraine: the Left Party of Ukraine.

Parliamentary parties of Ukraine: Party of Region

Formation of the two-party-system in Ukraine: current situation.

The political situation in Ukraine at the end of 2006. Forecast for 2007

Modeling of socio-political situation in Ukraine (2008)

100 days of Yulia Timoshenko government. Preliminary results. March 2008

Modeling of socio-political situation in Ukraine. Opposition VS Power. The main direction of confrontation. March 2008

The effective mechanisms of discharging mayors of Kyiv and Kharkiv: the possible mechanism of implementation.

The analysis of the electoral results in Ukraine, 2007. Quality and regional settings of the new Parliament.


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