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Situations Modeling Agency

Situations Modeling Agency was established in 2002 by a group of political scientists, sociologists, journalists and experts in the field of politics. The main feature of our work is the combination of scientific approach and practical experience.

Since its foundation the Agency issued more than 30 scientific researches in politics, elections and international relations, electoral and political technologies – (“Georgia as a political and economic partner of Ukraine: an analytical and predictive study”, “Formation of two-party system in Ukraine: Current Situation” etc). Our Agency is well-known among political scientists, experts of NGO, politicians as well in Ukraine and abroad, dew to a dozen press conferences, round tables and other media activities.

In Ukraine our Agency was the first one who began developing medium- and short-term political forecasts. We were the first to develop forecasting the prospects of the foreign relations of Ukraine, including its political elites and individuals parties with Russia, Georgia, the EU, the USA and other potential partners and competitors on the global and regional geopolitical and geo-economic arena.

As a member of Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institute cooperates with relevant government agencies on purpose to create a positive external image of Ukraine in various fields. Conducting the researches we often cooperate with sociological service “Sociopolis”

Our researches, articles, experts’ interviews are cited by dozen of news agencies, magazines, newspapers, Internet publications and other mass-media. Citation index allows us to boldly declare that our Agency is a part of ten most influential organizations of similar profile. (For example, our publications, researches are often being published in such mass-media as UNIAN , Glavred etc).


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